Thursday, September 25, 2014

Liza Sylvestre & Sakura GIVEAWAY

I have just plunged into the world of smart phones and instagram. Yep, thats right, up until a few weeks ago I had a phone that wouldn't do anything beyond texting. I will be using my new instagram account as a blog with daily shots of my studio and the things I'm working on. To celebrate I have joined forces with Sakura, the makers of the micron pens I use in almost all of my artwork, to create a giveaway. If you follow @liza_sylvestre and @sakuraofamerica on instagram you will automatically be entered to win a Pigma Artist Gift Set (valued at $170) and a limited edition fine art print from me. 

Also, Sakura created an awesome new website and they included a feature on my work, which you can see HERE. 

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