Friday, March 28, 2014

Ned Evans / Carly Glovinksi / Liza Sylvestre @ Nahcotta

Portsmouth, NH – This April, Nahcotta combines the work of three spectacular artists – Ned Evans, Carly Glovinski, and Liza Sylvestre. On view from April 4 until April 27 and the opening reception is Friday, April 4, from 5-8 p.m., concurrent with Portsmouth’s downtown art walk.

Liza Sylvestre, a Minneapolis-based artist who’s shown in Canada, Brooklyn, NY, and Miami, FL, among other cities, will be exhibiting new pieces from her “Elements” series, acrylic and archival ink works on panel. Predominantly borne from the beauty of natural elements, these transcendentally gorgeous works are evocative of an elusive, mysterious recombinant - exotic flora coalesced with the intricacies of our inner organs. Glovinski’s “Phone Book Series,” ink, graphite, colored pencil, and acrylic on paper, speak to the artist’s long-time fascination with the quotidian elements “so woven into our everyday experience they are often rendered invisible.” Glovinski cleverly recreates these objects, whether they are phone books or rags or plastic swimming pools, showing how they, in actuality, unite us all. She has shown her work throughout Boston and Maine, as well as London, England. Venice, California artist Ned Evans’s resin wall reliefs are part of his ongoing exploration of form to negative space, touching upon the wonderful translucency of poured resin in his hand-shaped, bright white polyurethane foam vessels. A lifelong surfer, Evans’s paintings, works on paper, and resin reliefs share elements of fluidity and radiance, with light glowing from an indiscernible and captivating, source. 

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

From my studio...

1. Working at some odd hour of the night.
2. Writing about working.
3. I mix paint in these little tubes. They are awesome for storing paint and also for their application.
4. Microns!!! My pen of choice. I've tried so many others, but the weight and length and everything else is perfect...
5. More writing about work.
6. More writing, but not my own. These are my favorite books at the moment. Especially Her Book by Eireann Lorsung.


Shipped off a bunch of artwork to Nahcotta on Monday. 

I'll post photos of everything after the show opens.

I'm busy working on finishing things up for my solo show in July.