Monday, September 15, 2014

Lake Vermillion

Recently we took a trip up to Lake Vermillion and stayed at one of the most magical cabins in the world, Stub-a-Toe. This cabin is owned by some dear family friends. They have owned the land since they graduated from college in the 60s and everything, absolutely everything, is hand built. They have repeatedly decided not to hook the place up to "the grid" so everything is generator and propane run. It is an amazing place and I feel lucky to have been able to visit it throughout my childhood. This past summer we got to stay in the "grown up" sleeping cabin which is nestled on the edge of a cliff. We woke up every morning to the sun rising on the private bay and the loons calling. Here are some photos from our stay. 

Yep, that's a hand built wood fired hot tub. 

Our sleeping cabin perched on the side of a cliff. 

Just big enough for a bed. Our view from the sleeping cabin. 

The second floor of the main cabin.

My hot stuff reading Hot Stuff.

Cabin essential.

Bubba and I hanging out on the dock. 

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