Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Gaspe Peninsula, Quebec
August 2010

My digital camera didn't make it to Quebec with me. It left me in the backseat of a cab in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. That's 4 digital cameras I've "donated" to the world now. Anyway, I bought this cheap disposable camera at a gift shop while waiting for a ferry to cross the Saint Lawrence Seaway.

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  1. Anonymous9/16/2010

    Liza, yer a goofball. Those are beautiful. Thank you for documenting my trip for me. I still don't have a phone and I'd really love to talk with you. Call Mosh Man's phone tomorrow eh? or I'll try too - and we can talk tomorrow, I'll be driving up to Seattle with my sweet man to go to a Permaculture Gook Fest.

    I love you forever and ever my sister, wish you were near.