Thursday, September 2, 2010

The first page

This is the first page of a little illustrated story I'm working on. I'll post the rest of the pages as soon as I finish them up.

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  1. Anonymous9/02/2010

    Liza - this is your sister, and I am wanting to tell you that I'm sitting at the table with Ms. Mom and Mr. Dad and we are thinking and 'commenting' about your illustrated story. Here's what I think: it's beautiful. the scales and the word stand out to me the most. Thank you my most wonderful sister that I've ever had. I ,miss you. Here's what Dad says: . . . . . . . I love this piece because it pulls you in and your imagination can swim around in it. The fish and the seed pods and the textures are all lovely. Really a beautiful piece, I can hardly wait to see the next one. Sarah showed up tonight (Thurs.) I miss you